“The Broken Way”

Reading this morning in Ann Voskamp’s new book and it’s echoing every conversation I’ve had over the past few hours. I don’t know where your sweet heart is right now, or what person in what church has hurt your heart or made you feel less than … but I know that hurt people are the ones who hurt people. It doesn’t excuse the pain someone has inflicted on you, but maybe it can help you see whomever through eyes of grace. Maybe it can help you pray for healing for their heart. Maybe what these past hurts can do is that they can finally stop cleaving themselves onto your soul and that separation can help you see that you are fully known and deeply loved by your Father, regardless of what you’ve walked through. I think that’s grace, right? That God sees us clean and restored and not attached to our sin when we are in Christ? But we can’t let grace in if we hold on to the hurt like a tattered old Linus blanket. But who wants to throw away their security blanket that keeps people at arms length and still keeps you warm at the same time? For a while I’ve thought that trust had to be mustered before authenticity was initiated, so when I read Ann’s words the entire chasm of healing flipped for me. “… and that vulnerability would beg me to just break open and let trust in.” Trust isn’t mustered from within, it’s found outside of ourselves and it desperately wants a room at the Inn of our tired and weary hearts. Let’s start today, friends. Let’s start knowing that Jesus cares tremendously about your aching and broken heart and that He’s patiently waiting, as He always is in His gentlemanly ways, to be invited into the hardest places so that He can be your restoration. Hey, my sweet friend, Love wants in. And YOU, the one reading this … you’re worthy of Love. I pray you decide to let Love in even if it means you have to do hard things and face hard truths about your past. Just because you face it doesn’t mean it gets a chance to torment you again, it means you’re willing to be brave enough to fight it. And can I tell you something? Jesus goes by the nickname of Victory. You. Will. Triumph. I’m with you. You can do this. 💕🙌🏻 #thebrokenway

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