• Photo Shoot •

Recently I had the incredible opportunity of sharing my story and ministry as the feature story in Angelic Magazine! I can’t tell you how much it blessed my heart. The opportunity was so unexpected and so surreal that it took me a minute to pull myself together over it. One of the things I needed to submit was a photo of myself (that aligned with the rest of the photography in the magazine of course which meant: no selfies.) I haven’t had professional photos taken in YEARS. It’s possible that my last professional photo was taken my senior year of high school which was eleven years ago. (Which, what even in the world?!? So long ago. Can I have my high school dancer body back, Por favor?)

As I began to worry and fret over how I would be able to pull that off, one of my closest friends came to mind and I reached out to him. Myles Berrio is one of the most successful people I’ve ever met. He’s written a book and spoken at events all over the world. He started a nonprofit and has been interviewed on podcasts and all sorts of things. Recently the Lord walked him into photography and he has said without a shadow of a doubt that he has found what he is supposed to do with the rest of his life.

I reached out to Myles and asked if he would be interested and he was so thrilled to jump in on the project! He shoots all sorts of photography including shots for models all throughout Atlanta, couples engagement shoots, weddings, and more! You can check out his work here! Be sure to follow his social media sites on Facebook here and on Instagram here & here!

I’m including some of the shots from the session we had here! Myles, THANK YOU for being so incredible and such a champion of your people! You are dearly loved and so very appreciated. 

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