Branch & Vine

“If Im the vine and you’re the branch, I get to decide the fruit that you produce in a season. If I decide the change of seasons then I can decide to change the fruit you produce. If you’re running and racing to achieve the next thing, expect The Gardener to prune you back until you learn to rest and abide in Me and receive the nutrients I want to bring to your branch rather than grasping for your own. It’s in His kindness that He prunes you so that you will learn to yield only what I have for you to yield at the appointed time. Do not yearn for anything I do not have for you IN THIS MOMENT. If you continue yearning for something in addition to me, I will continue to keep it at an arm’s length and just outside of your grasp because I YEARN to be the one thing that satisfies your heart and therefore compels you into whatever it is that I have for you to yield. You don’t yearn for the wrong things, you just yearn for them more than you yearn for me. Learn to trust me so much that it compels you to trust in me to deliver my promises. Don’t put your trust in my promises alone … remember when I said that where your treasure is, there your heart will be? Well, where your heart is … there your identity is. You are MY BRANCH and I’m jealous for you. Trust and know that I have life and love and growth for you, but keep my promises over your life in perspective of MY purposes .. not your own. My purposes aren’t about you, they’re about my kingdom … but they are FOR you. I know that I can entrust my branches to be a recipient of my grace when I can trust them to be a conduit of my grace.  I have beautiful things for you, but you will never rest until you begin to rest in ME rather than my promises. Your identity cannot be found in what I promise to you, it must be found in me.”

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