Branch & Vine || etc.

“You’re only able to abide in Me because I came to you. I realized before I ever created the earth that I couldn’t just water the plants that I wanted to grow, but that I also had to be in the dirt with them. I knew that my water can only bless that which is planted in good soil … in Me. No soil outside of Me is good, so I put My spirit in the soil to flow through the Vine that I knew I needed to plant if you were ever going to grow the way that I intended. And Im keeping my promise daily of maintaining My garden. The only part of a vine system that is rooted is the trunk which is the essence of the vine, off of which branches will shoot. If a branch breaks off, it can’t root. A branch can only be rooted when it abides in the trunk. It’s the vine that goes down into the dirt for you. I came and got my hands dirty for you, in order to provide a home for you. When you belong to Me and abide in Me, you have no need to look elsewhere for affirmation or acceptance. But My sweet branch, I love to watch you grow. Just watch a real vine grow. As the branches grow, they twine. They twist and turn as they grow, looking for something to latch on to …. they “twine.” Trust the source of your growth and I, the Gardener, will put in place the correct thing for you to “entwine” with. I know your nature is to twine until you entwine … wait until I show you what to entwine with, but until then … abide. But once you entwine, you must still abide or you will die. Let your branch “curl up” with that which I have appointed you for and trust that I see your twining and will allow you to entwine at the exact right time. Abide … Abide … Abide … Grow … Twine …. Abide … Grow … twine … abide … entwine … grow together … abide … abide. They call you “the climbing plants” because you were never meant to stay where you are. But My sweet branch, don’t you know that you can’t move until I do? I’ll get you there, don’t worry. But the movement depends on the spirit. He knows what He’s ready to sustain in terms of growth and movement. If He’s not ready, know .. oh beloved branch … that neither are you. Don’t look at the other branches. Did you know that lots of different plants grow on vines? Grapes, melons, kiwis, dragon fruit, passion fruit, tomatoes, watermelon, beans, peas, gourds, pumpkins, spinach cucumbers, squash, potatoes, peppers … all grow from vines. Watermelons don’t look at tomatoes and wonder why they aren’t ripe yet when the tomato has already been picked … it just stays there and grows. And oh how sweet the result of remaining! Your fruit was never intended to define you, the vine was. Enjoy the fruit that the vine produces through you, My little conduit of a branch. And don’t worry if someone walks by and takes something that you once had a hand in growing, as you remain I’ll produce more through you. The fruit was never meant for you, the fruit was meant for those that have not yet been grafted in. Produce as you remain, My sweet brave little branch. Grow and go with Me. We’re headed somewhere. Trust me.”

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