It wasn’t until life showered me with circumstances that I never would’ve imagined I would be faced with that I discovered a love for communication with written language. My hope is that through this blog you get a chance to see that you’re not alone, that other people have been where you are, that your struggles and your celebrations are excitedly shared with the world around you, and that community is the most beautiful place for your soul to rest. I’m pretty fond of Jesus and you’ll find that theme heavily interspersed in my writing if you stick around long enough. I really love that we are all just trying to figure this out together, and I love that together is a great place for us to be when we choose wisely who to encircle ourselves with. Love and truth dive deep into the pit of our souls and mine out untruths planted by the world, and I love that we get the beautiful opportunity as a community to help each other stay accountable to the truths of the gospel and to remind each other that perfect love is not just the point … it’s the source from which we operate. I pray you’ll step into this with me, encouraged that this is a journey we are on together. Destination: Abundant Life in Jesus.

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